Our Story

This division of our company was created due to an increase in our clients sharing this one similar personal business story with us.

Many business owners had business cards printed, and some even had brochures to hand out to their potential clients. They would make attempts
to market their business by cold calling by phone and in person, mailing letters, and some even ran ads.

They reported that one question they would often or most always get was “What is your website address?”

When they did not have a website they noticed that the potential client did not seem interested in talking with them any further.

Some were told “Anyone can get a business card printed today, how do I know you really are a business?”

Statistics show that 94% of individuals expect a business to have a website!

We understand that some businesses don’t have a budget established for a website, or just can’t afford to pay $3,000+ for a website.



All businesses are not the same. We believe a business should pay only for what they need in getting a website for their business.

Some businesses do not need the specialized forms, crafted apps, automated messaging, and more.

All businesses need a quality website displaying their services and products; showing the legitimacy of their business.

My team of web design professionals and I are on a mission to help as many business owners as possible; by designing them a quality website for their business that will fit their budget.

We created “A website for Every Budget.”

Our web design agency is designing quality websites for businesses that are established and new starts. This is intended for business owners who are serious about being in business. If so, we can help.

We create quality, professional websites at prices that are affordable.

If you are a serious business owner, who wants a website to get the online presence your business needs you should contact us. We Can Help!

– Alexa Website Designs