Alexa Website Designs designs professional, custom-designed mobile ready websites that give the look you are looking for!


Alexa Website Designs custom landing pages to fit your needs. They will be professional, attractive and mobile ready!


Alexa Website Designs knows what it takes to create a web store that’s perfect for your business.


Alexa Website Designs designs custom logos. Your logo design is your branding which is an important intangible asset!


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“Get a Top Quality, Professional Website Designed at an Affordable Price!” We create custom websites to fit your specific business needs without requiring a high initial investment.

Get an exceptional custom website that will ‘Wow’ you and your customers. You only have 5 seconds to capture their attention, or your potential clients will decide to click on your competitor’s site. Don’t lose business to your competitors!

“ Get a custom website that will help bring more customers, more leads, and more sales. You’re in the right place! ”

the importance

Your competitors know the importance of having a website that does more than just look good; it also appeals to your customers and their needs.

You get 5 seconds to make a great first impression. If not, they will click on a competitor’s website. Your website is your brand name. It immediately tells you something about you and your business. You want visitors to come to your site and stay there; go through it and read information about your products and services. Feeling confident that you can provide what they are needing; take action and call, place an order, or come into your business.

Get the help your business needs to effectively appeal, retain, and get repeat customers to GROW Your Business!


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With over 16+ years of experience with website development and designing, alone with online marketing business, Alexa Website Designs knows what a business needs in order to grow!

Alexa Website Designs listens to your goals and structures web properties that can help you achieve them with a properly structured website. We have a team of web designers who are excited to help you. We thrive on helping to accelerate your business.

Alexa Website Designs has designed websites for nearly every type and size of business and organization.


The websites that Alexa Website Designs has designed for clients over the years have helped them to produce strong revenues, sales, and leads. Alexa Website Designs attributes this success to several things: a design that is easy to navigate, a pleasant look and feel, and programming that abides by the indexing technology of search engines. All businesses are not the same.

Alexa Website Designs believes a business should pay only for what they need and what type of website they want for their business. Some businesses do not need specialized forms, crafted apps, automated messaging, and more. There are some businesses that do not even know where to begin or what is needed for a website.



Alexa Website Designs knows how to service their clients. I’m glad I chose Alexa Website Designs to do business with. They had everything I needed for my website, and gave advice on what would be better for me, compared to what I had been told from 2 other web designers. You can trust Alexa Website Designs to provide the service you need. They treat you with respect and stick to their word. There is no reason why you would want to say no to their service! Thank you for the affordable price too! ~ John D. ~

I thank Alexa Website Designs for their customer service. I wish I had known about them sooner. I just started a business and needed a site. I went to this one place to design a site all by myself, cause they made it sound like it was easy to do. I have to say, I wasted months trying to design a site on my own and did not have the assistance I needed. Then I started looking for website design businesses and came across Alexa Website Designs. The time I spent focusing on my site, I could have spent focusing more on my business. If you want the right website service, Alexa Website Designs is the place to go. ~ Mary C. ~

Alexa Website Designs came to my rescue. I did not have to do meeting after meeting and spend time in getting our site done. We just contacted them over the phone, spoke to a representative and discussed what type of website we were needing. They provide all the services that we needed to get our site done. I did not have to look for hosting business, to host my website. Alexa Website Designs the did hosting for me. There was no long wait time. A member of their team contacted us and they began immediately designing our store. We were able to get our site open and running 3 weeks before 2 other companies said they could, and the price was almost half what the others were going to charge. This price also included a few services that the other companies did not offer. Amazing!! I give them 5+ Stars and will keep recommending them to others who need of a site. Time is valuable. Alexa Website Designs is Simply Terrific! ~ Victoria H. ~